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We feel free to offer you land at the intersection of the Highway Beograd - Zagreb and the road Novi Sad - Ruma - Sabac.

Our company is registered owner of 221.672 m2 land, as follows:

Cadaster Parcel no.11716, area: 4 ha 26 a 80 m2, ZKUL no.10226 KO Ruma
Cadaster Parcel no.11726, area: 3 ha 67 a 24 m2, ZKUL no.10223 KO Ruma
Cadaster Parcel no.11727, area: 8 ha 53 a 60 m2, ZKUL no.10224 KO Ruma
Cadaster Parcel no.11714/1, area: 2 ha 84 a 54 m2, ZKUL no.10228 KO Ruma
Cadaster Parcel no.11730/1, area: 2 ha 84 a 54 m2, ZKUL no.10225 KO Ruma.

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The price of this land depends on the area and position of each single parcel and it would be formed in accordance with market prices in the neighborhood.

We have a verbal confirmation from the Municipality of Ruma and The Public Company for urbanism and planning "Plan Ruma" that the above mentioned parcels are dedicated for business purposes (logistic centre, commercial facilities, warehouses, environment-friendly production). Urban parameters will be defined by an urban project worked out by a future owner.

We note here that this is the biggest gathered building parcel on this intersection and that, according to our information, it is practically impossible to find a similar one in Serbia .


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